Tips on wood door proper maintenance

If you have acquired wooden door made of array, you need to understand that you should take care of such a product. In this case, the appearance of solid wood doors will remain unchanged, and will bring you pleasure for years to come.

Some recommendations:
1. You should try to maintain 40-60% humidity in the room for normal door operation.
2. Only special agents should be applied to clean such type of doors. Do not use cleaning fluids, or abrasive powders, which may start a chemical reaction with the wood and accelerate the aging process. Cleaning procedure is simple: wipe the surfaces of all the components of the door with a wet cloth to remove the dust. Repeat the same procedure with a dry cloth to remove the traces of moisture.
3. If minor defects, such as scratches, are detected, then special treatment (sanding and polishing with wax) will return the old brightness and uniformity of the door surface. To eliminate scratches, you should moisten and sand the damaged area with a special fine sandpaper. Then it is necessary to spread a small amount of polishing wax on a surface and rub the wax with a special cloth to achieve the brightness. Find more interesting facts about wooden doors.