What our customers are saying:

"I love this place....it's not the stuff that you see everywhere else!"
"I know that everytime I come in here you have the whole store re-designed!"
"If I find something here that I love I know that all my friends won't have the same thing!"

"Mississippihomefurnishings.com has so much to offer! Whether you are purchasing the perfect accent or a room full of furniture, the same high quality service level occurs. We have been able to capitalize on the potential of our "gathering place", not only with pieces from their unique collections, but with ideas and suggestions from the knowledgeable staff."

- Sch., NY VIPLimo
"Mississippihomefurnishings.com is our good old parnter and we hope to continue our partnership for long-long years to come. All condos in Etobicoke as well as The Essex condos are furnished exactly with the furniture articles from this company. All our clients are on the cloud nine when they see the style and design of the latest collections from Mississippihomefurnishings.com!"

- Serge R., Etobicoke real estate realtor

"We've ordered the condo redesign from this furnishing company as well as heating, ventilation and air services from a local contractor, Simply Green after reading Simply Green Home Services reviews online. It was very helpful to learn the experience of previous and current clients before launching our renovation project and hiring the necessary specialists.