Two Simple Solutions for a Stained Carpet

Shaving Cream

Everyone has some shaving cream in the house which means that everyone has the most universal stain-fighter for cleaning your carpet at home! This mixture of chemicals can remove almost every type of stain in your house. House cleaning service experts say that you just need to apply the cream right on the stain and let it stay there for about 30 minutes. Then just blot it away with a dry cloth.

Ice Cubes for a Gum

If you have kinds, you are very likely to have the issue of gums in the house. The simplest and most convenient secret uncovered by our experts is to simply freeze the chewing gum. Just take a couple of ice cubes and freeze the gum for about 30 seconds. After it is frozen you can simply take it out from the carpet with a regular spoon without leaving any particles or stains on it!