Preparing your Vehicle for Self Storage

More often than not people resort to the renting self storage facilities for storing either seasonal items like Christmas decorations or warm clothes, unnecessary books, paintings and sports equipment they are not currently using. We are also more likely to rent self-storage facilities for keeping furniture as we move to a new house. However, nowadays it is also possible to put your car, motorbike or even a boat in self-storage. You can check out self storage Toronto or other storage facilities and see if they provide storage of vehicles.

This feature is especially convenient for those, who do not drive their car or a motorcycle temporarily. If you are going to use the services of a self storage facility to keep your car while you are away, it is necessary to make sure your auto is prepared properly before leaving it in a self storage unit. Here are a few tips on how to get your car ready for storage.

1) first of all, take all the valuables and important things like your drivers license or ID away. Do not risk leaving these things in your car when storing it for a long term. However, nowadays self-storage facilities are equipped with the latest security systems and perimeter surveillance to present top-level security.

2) Secondly, you should thoroughly wash your car. It is even better to have it washed and waxed in a specialized car wash. Ask the car wash staff to apply special care products to the seats, mats, and dashboard. The interior of the car must be dry. You can leave a car aroma diffuser. Windows and sunroof must be closed.

3) Strange as it might sound, but you have to fill your tank full before storing your car in a self storage unit. Are you wondering why? The thing is if you leave little gas, moisture can accumulate in a tank and subsequently cause problems. You should properly lube and fuel your car because it will be ready to drive away when you come for it. It is also important to change the oil.

Old oil might turn acidic and cause damage to the engine. Fresh oil, as a rule, takes much longer to spoil. Remember that the engine should stay in good condition while you store your car in a self storage unit.

4) Finally, it is a good idea to use a car cover when storing your auto. This cover will provide additional exterior protection and preserve the shine.

You should find a self storage facility which offers high security and indoor storage for cars. Living in the area with extreme weather conditions, you might want to rent a self storage unit with climate control. Although this option is more expensive, it is worth it since certain car parts can rust if humidity is high. Do not forget that your property must be insured. Self storage companies offer different insurance options to their clients.