How Can a Moving Company Move My Furniture Safe in the Rain?

We all are trying to set our moving day on a sunny weather so that nothing will be damaged from the precipitation. But unfortunately we do not have enough power to control the nature and moving day can be spoiled by the rain. Right from the morning people get in this case bad mood and think of this day as of a disaster. We rush to calm you down and share experience of a professional moving company to move your furniture safe and dry even if it is raining cats and dogs outside. So read and be happy on your moving day regardless of the weather!

Protect Your Stuff

When you see the signs of rain or snow on the sky do not get upset beforehand. First of all, the moving track from your home to the truck is usually only a couple hundred meters which takes about 30 seconds for s moving company to move the furniture from the house to the truck. Secondly, once you see those signs in the sky, you can immediately call your moving company and ask it for some help. For instance, a lot of movers can provide you with special plastic covers or pads to cover your furniture and other items so that it does not get wet. On the other hand, if there is no time to do so you can simply use heavy blankets to do the wrapping up. Such protection layer should withstand 30 seconds of any snow or rain.

Prep Your New Home

The second tip for moving on a rainy day is to prepare your new home for the move. You simply need to come there earlier and lay there some old rugs or towels on the sides of the front door in order to keep the mud and water from tracking onto the new floors.

Prepare Your Moving Space

Another thing you need to check before the moving company starts transporting your furniture into the truck is leaktightness of the truck. Make sure, that the truck is perfectly sealed if you are moving on a rainy day, because in case it is not and you are moving ling-distance, then all your belongings will be damaged! Regina moving company advises to check even mover’s truck in order to be on the safe side. In case of a small leak you can fix it with some duct tape. For larger leaks, professionals advise to ask movers to change the truck.

As you can see, rain on the moving day should not be a disaster. All you need to do, according to Regina experts from a moving company, is to be ready for any situation.

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