How to select the lighting for a living room

The level of coziness and comfort of your home depends greatly on how properly the lighting is chosen and installed. Living room is a premise, where all the family members and guests meet together. A room, where all family problems are solved, a place where family members can talk and play quite games (for example, chess and monopoly). In general, it is a room where people gather to chat with each other and have a good time. Click here to look through the gallery of our finished projects and best lighting solutions for living rooms created in partnership with leading designers from Toronto home decor store.

A living room should be not only comfortable, but also multi-functional, turning it into a place for having meals or watching TV, and cozy relaxing place to read books and magazines. Therefore it is very important that the living room was well lit, and had several lighting regime modes to make it possible to create the necessary atmosphere. If you are at the stage of dealing with the problem: how to arrange a proper illumination the living room and what fixtures you should buy in a store, then this article will be very useful for you.

1. Decide on how you would like to use the room
Before choosing lighting for a living room, remember what do you often do there? There is nothing strange in this question, because everyone is different and everyone has different needs. Perhaps you are not a soul of the company and do not like to bring guests into your house, preferring to meet on the neutral territory. But you love to read, or to lie on a couch, watching TV. If so - your living room should be equipped with customizable lighting. This will allow you to watch TV in the evening in the muted light, and to read in the full light.

2. Let the light to be a part of interior
Everybody knows that a room without accessories room boring, so why not make accessories from lamps? Modern stores offer a huge selection of lamps of all kinds and styles: light-candlestick, lamps in the form of statues and of various geometric shapes. Choose the one that fits perfectly into interior of you room.

3. Consider the size of the room
If you have a small room, then it does not need a huge artsy chandelier. If the room is large - then you have a space for creative solutions, combining the chandeliers with built-in lamps, floor lamps with wall sconces, etc.

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