Interesting facts about wooden doors

This article is dedicated to wooden doors, the main traditional as well as some exotic wood species used in manufacturing process, technology of manufacturing, installation, maintenance and many other things that will be useful to know the consumers. Find here a picture gallery of our implemented projects.

There are two large groups of doors made of wood on today's market: products made of natural wood and products made of artificial materials that resemble the timber. Timber, by its nature, possesses both positive and negative characteristics that must be considered in production and operation of the doors. Wood, as a natural material, has some drawbacks (e.g., hygroscopicity). So, materials that substitute natural timber and significantly reduce the cost of the door have received a widespread. The most popular was a material with high hydrophobicity and high density is called MDF.

The advantages of solid wood:
- high density;
- low thermal conductivity;
- low sound conductivity;
- high frost resistance;
- easiness in processing;
- simple disposal;
- low coefficient of linear expansion.

- presence of defects (twigs, cracks, pitch pockets, etc..)
- hygroscopicity (presence of excessive moisture in the wood causes sharp deterioration in all its physical and mechanical properties);
- flammability.

Traditional types of timber for doors manufacturing
Operational and aesthetic qualities of wooden products and the price on them depends on many factors, including which spices of wood have been used in their manufacturing. Countless species of wood are primarily divided into deciduous (solid) and coniferous (soft). And they both are used extensively for the manufacture of doors. Each species has its own unique properties and the talent of producers implies their proper use.

Products made of natural wood array Array is the element of the door leaf, made by continuous filling with natural timber.
There are two doors manufacturing techniques from the array:
- traditional
- from a single piece of wood;
- more modern, simple and cheap
- from laminated array. Assembly scheme of laminated array changes the appearance of the door. Certain parts may be of different shade, whereby an effect of unevenness of the surface color occur that underscores the naturalness of the material used even more.

Lynn Bowman with the assistance of home renovation experts about the choice of solid wood doors for living premises.

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