How a bathroom window should look like

Not every bathroom has a window. A bathroom in most of old type apartments has no outer walls at all. But if you are lucky owner of a private or a country house or a penthouse in a newly-erected condo building, then most likely, your bathroom has a window. Vinyl glass unit in the bathroom - this is an ideal option, since vinyl is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, and, therefore, will not rot due to water and steam impact. Let us see how to choose the right product for your bathroom. Click here to look through the gallery of our best ideas for home furnishing implemented with the help of leading home interior designers from Mississauga specializing in windows and doors selection.

Since the bathroom is rather private area nobody wants to show off yourself, especially when taking a shower, then you need to take care of privacy when installing windows and doors in this room. Stained, opaque or smoked designs, created to protect from prying eyes with their non-transparent glasses are ideal options. The fourth way to protect the window in the bathroom is to install blinds made of special moisture-resistant fabric.

Stained glass vinyl window in the bathroom
The advantages of a stained glass are its aesthetic appearance and good protection from prying eyes. The disadvantage is that you can not see what is happening on the street. Therefore, this option does not work for those who like to enjoy the view from the window. Opaque glass is quite another thing.

Opaque vinyl glass in the bathroom
This is the hottest type of glass for modern bathrooms. The main advantage of opaque glass is that nothing is visible from the outside, but inside the building you can contemplate the view from the window. It is especially convenient for those who like to observe the night sky and enjoy the view of twinkling lights at night when taking a bath.

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