Everything you need to know about heat treatment method against bed bugs

You have already moved to a new home, made a designed repair with the use of modern trends and are dealing with the most unpleasant pests like bed bugs... That is the most unwanted problem, with which even the owners of wealthy private houses and stylish apartments are facing pretty often.

So, here we are going to look over all details of the most effective process of dealing with them, such as the heat treatment method, that many modern pest control companies are actively using and assuring their customers that they will be never dealing with these insects again.

Fighting bed bugs requires a very detailed approach and work, including transposition and dismantling of furniture, equipment and other specific tasks. A thorough inspection should be carried out in conjunction with non-chemical means of controlling the spread of the insects (eg, heat treatment, work with a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner) and insecticides.

Another method that specialists of pests control companies use against bed bugs in homes is heat treatment. The specialized equipment is used to increase room temperature up to +50 degrees Celsius and then to maintain it for 70 minutes or more. In such circumstances bed bugs die, provided that the procedure is carried out properly. Despite its effectiveness in the direction of how to deal with bed bugs, heat treatment does not prevent bed bugs to come back to the apartment.

It is important to cooperate with services for pest control. Nevertheless it should not be necessary to throw away the furniture or things from the house, especially from the apartment. Sometimes furniture is endured and exposed to thermal treatment in the container, but it is needed rarely and just in very special cases the furniture really needs to be thrown away.

The greatest risk of bed bugs infection seems to be observed while traveling. Regardless of the type of the property in which you are staying, it is a good idea to check the number. Check around the bedside and the surrounding space. Check luggage racks and other areas where you would normally set the suitcases. You must follow any unexplained bites that you will find the morning, it could be bed bugs bites.

Jeff Scott, a professional dermatologist and pest control expert describes in details bed bugs heat treatment method used by Edmonton companies.