How to Decorate a Kitchen

A kitchen is usually a place where the family spends a lot of time. It is one of the most used rooms in any house: members gather here together, each of them takes something like an All Clad pan, a knife, a bowl or anything else to start cooking something together. Moreover, families can just sit there to hang out. To make it look cozy you can use one of thousands of decoration ways existing in today's world and here are some useful tips how to do it yourself!

1. Free the space.

People when trying to make everything look perfect usually use too many details. Look at your kitchen and think what you really need. So leave only the most necessary things and take the useless stuff away. This step will also help you to rearrange the storage system, for example, we are sure you do not need your favorite All Clad pan to be on the line all the time, put it on the shelf to free your kitchen. Even this small step will make great transformations!

2. Color.

Do not stick to one color, as whole-white kitchen would look like a hospital, pink - Barbie house, green - St. Patrick's Day. Use one neutral color as a background and then take a few bright items to make it warm and loved.

Make some accents: seats, curtains, or a countertop. Furthermore, choose a couple of bright colors (for example, dark grey and purple) to make the picture of the kitchen look complete.

3. Add flowers.

Fresh plants or flowers will definitely add decoration to any room. Over that they are very good for your health and environment. You can make a widow box with fresh flowers to make a functional decoration to your kitchen. This is much easier than buying or cutting fresh flowers to put them in a kitchen table vase every day.

Jennifer Huston shares her experience in decorating your kitchen with small hints, like hiding your favourite All Clad pan or putting some flowers on the window.

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