Basement Finishing 101: Creating New Apartments in the Basement Space

This article was based and created with the help of professional basement contractor Guy Solomon who is an expert in every issue connected to basement finishing, and his team of experts focuses solely on this area of contracting. This is why these are the right people who can help you make the most out of your renovation project, especially if it means determining the value of a basement apartment.

The Value of Basement Apartments

According to the experts reviews you need to know that transformation of your basement space into a functional separated apartment with its own entry undoubtedly adds great value to your house in general. However, first of all you should understand whether or not such a project worth the investment in the end and this fact actually depends on your final use and purpose of the space. Most of the time, homeowners prefer to add separate apartments in their basement spaces for renting. If you have big enough space and smart enough planning, then you can charge pretty good money in order to cover your mortgage as rent, or simply saving a ton of money over the years. However, there are some cases when people create these apartments for their elderly parents, adult children, or just family members who have some troubles in their lives and need a little help.

What Will You Need to Move?

The first and most important thing that you need to think of hen creating a basement apartment is the issue of HVAC system: whether you can hide all the unsightly fixtures of it. The first idea that comes to the mind is to move all the HVAC to some closet and to create a separate entrance to that closet in order not to disturb the people living in your basement. But anyway you have to determine if this is feasible. Will you need new ductwork or electrical work in order to move your HVAC unit? If you need help, ask experts like Guy Solomon to decide what to do with such a situation.

Do You Want Someone Else Living in Your Home?

Another very important issue that you have to think of beforehand is who will live in the basement apartment: unknown person, couple, or even the whole family (as a rule this decision depends on the size of the basement space). If you think about renting this space you have to care about the separate private entrance, and also do not forget to install locks on the doors leading from the main floor to the basement. In case you are not going to rent this space you should not care about these issues, which actually according to Guy Solomon reviews makes the whole project cheaper.

To sum up, you need to remember that the basement apartment can definitely pay for itself by adding to the value of your house and definitely improving your equity, but it might not be the best choice for everyone. So before beginning the project make sure that you have weighted your personal needs and wishes.