How to create unique vintage interior

Do you want to create a unique an original interior with your own hands, but do not know what to choose? We offer you to pay attention to antiques and show you how to create a unique vintage interior.

You just need to follow a few simples rules to achieve a harmonic result, namely.
1. The play of colors. Designers, who created furniture in the first half of the 20th century, often used bright and saturated colors. Pink, turquoise, terracotta, ocher - they perfectly fit into any corner of your home. The main thing is to ideally set accents.

2. Attention to details. Sometimes it is enough to make a minimal addition to interior to give the room a vintage look. For example, buy a couple of chairs for the kitchen, or vintage linens for the bedroom, a collection of retro items for the shelves in the living room or an antique rack. And say "yes" to decorative pillow.

3. Spatial geometry. Do not be afraid to experiment with the space and the volume. Try to combine wavy and straight lines with sharp corners. This will give the interior the uniqueness.

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