3 Tips to decorate your apartment

We have to tell you a secret: there are no secret rules or axioms, followed by the designers. Most often they are doing in a fit of inspiration. As a result, there is something more or less resembling the base of the basic principles, it helps to achieve excellent results again and again. Here are 3 simple and easy tips that everyone can master.
1. "A bunch of pillows". A couple of pillows look too ordinary, poorly. Use several compatible colors, patterns and textures.
2. Buy a larger bed. This is not surprising, but the little bed makes your bedroom only smaller. Try high capacious bed and your room will grow.
3. Take the risk. Never forget about your personal preferences. If you like music, then don't let your collection of vinyl records collecting dust in a box under the bed - consider the design of the room in advance to rack antique for your records fit into the design of the room.

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